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Sheena Fujibayashi

OOC: Permissions Post

  Sheena Fujibayashi is not what you would call a model... anything really.  She's blunt (to the point of rudeness), frequently sarcastic, perfectly willing to resort to physical violence if she deems it necessary (which is quite frequently), and has a fierce dislike of perverts.  At least, on the surface.  Beneath all the barbs (and threats and kicks and punches and yells...) is a gentle, compassionate soul who would be willing to die for her friends.  She'll tease and joke, but recognizes that there are lines you don't cross... and then cross them if the situation deems it appropriate.

Friendship:  Sheena had many friends.  Had being the keyword.  Due to her history (see profile for general idea, contact mun for details), she believes the majority of them to be dead, though she hopes otherwise.  As it is, it's hard for her to open up and really declare someone as a friend, not an acquaintance or friendly person.  Despite that, she's perfectly willing to try and get to know others.  Just... forgive her if she momentarily gazes off at something in the distance.  She's reminiscing.

Romance:  For canon pairing, Sheena is usually thrown together with a certain dual-swordsman or a flirtatious Chosen.  However, in my head-canon for this AU Sheena, she's unable to form any physical relationships due to her own closeness with her old group.  Oh, she'll be affectionate with hugging and kissing and touching, but that's just the way she acts with friends.  Yeah, can you tell this won't end well?

Violence:  Ninja.  Summoner-ninja.  Ninja since birth, was declared the next chief of a ninja village, saved the world with her friends and survived the end of her world later.  Sheena's a tough cookie who won't back down from a fight, even if it seems like she's at a disadvantage.  Though, every now and then, she has a few moments of panic and flashbacks, especially if there's lightning or something's burning (like, a building burning down, not cookies burning).

Inventory:  1 Divine Judgement (that she usually keeps concealed), 10 Rings of Pacts (Amethyst, Aquamarine, Diamond, Garnet, Opal, Ruby, Sapphire, Sardonyx,  Topaz, and Turquoise [all have various effects]), Corrine's Bell (if you see this, she's depressed), 1 Krona Symbol (prevents status effects.  But not the effects of the cafe's cooking...).
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