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Player Name/Nickname: Alex
Player Journal: ladydestinia
Player Contact Information(AIM/MSN/Email):
AIM: worldssummoner
Email: alexmcapek [at] gmail [dot] com
Timezone: Pacific Daylight Time
Availability: Everyday after 6 PM, with random free time during day (dependent on college class schedule)

Character Name: Sheena Fujibayashi
Character Journal: worlds_summoner
Character Gender: Female
Fandom: Tales of Symphonia, post game AU

Analyze Your Character(history and personality included) Within 400 Words:

Six years after the end of the Journey of World Regeneration, the world of Aselia was destroyed thanks to the actions of two different countries (Sylvarant and Tethe'alla). The two countries refused to accept one another and, after the assassination of the royal princess of Tethe'alla, decided the world would be better off under the rule of one country. To achieve this, they both started building magitechnological weapons and unleashing swaths of destructions upon each other. Sheena. along with her companions, attempted to stop the war that had broken out, only to be declared an enemy of both countries. She was forced to flee to the Giant Tree, which was slowly withering from overuse of mana and it was too young to produce a Seed. In the end, the world died, but Sheena somehow survived and ended up on another world. From there, she has wandered from world to world, looking for her friends in hopes that they survived.

So how has all of this changed Sheena? Very little actually. She's still the same cheerful, sarcastic, temperamental ninja that she's always been. The most noticeable change is her increased affection for her friends, to the point that lines between friendship and something more start to blur. That doesn't mean she intends to take a relationship that way, she just really cares about the people she deems friends and finds it natural to show them that care. Of course, thanks to the worldwide betrayal of trust in Aselia, it's hard as hell to be deemed a friend. Children or people with child-like dispositions have the easiest time achieving this status. But for the most part, Sheena plays nicely with others.

Somehow, her unusual penchant for falling into holes has followed her from Aselia too...

Please respond to the following question in character(first person)-- Magic or science? Why? [a maximum of 150 words]:

Wha-? What kind of question is that? Of course magic exists, how else would I be able summon incarnates of the elements?! Well, I mean, it's a bit difficult for me to do that here but I still have my pacts with the Summo- Never mind, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about.

Getting back on topic, it's not like the two deny each other; there are things science can't explain that magic can, and magic has it's own kind of science. Magic doesn't just run around rampant turning things into penguinists, it has rules that it has to follow. Like... you can't combine opposing elements, or make something out of nothing.

.... Who are you anyways?

Please respond to the following scenario in character(third person)-- You have just ingested a blueberry muffin at Spellbound Cafe that results you in hallucinating about giant Transformers buffing and waxing themselves. How would you approach these hunky robots in an attempt to be their friend, or at least get past them? [a maximum of 200 words]:
Sheena exited the quaint cafe she'd found, munching on a blueberry muffin. Hey, she was hungry, it didn't look green, and it was a peaceful day, more than enough reason to take a break from her journey across the universe.

Ten seconds later, the ninja was beginning to rethink her opinion, or at least, the "peaceful" part. She was fairly certain that those... things hadn't been outside earlier, and no one else seemed to be panicking but oh Goddess, they looked like the machines Mithos had let loose around the Tower of Salvation. Except that Murders hadn't looked quite that.... human-like.

Oh Goddess, theywereshinywhyweretheyshiny?!.

Sheena leapt into actions, darting and weaving through the innocent bystanders before tossing a few Pyre Seals at them. They didn't even flinch at the explosions, so they must have pretty thick shields... if she scaled one, she might be able to find a weak point in their armor and after blowing that open, leave more seals inside to activate once she managed to draw them away from the peop-

“Miss?” Something was tugging on her robe. Sheena looked down into the face of an eight year old.

“Miss, why are you being all ninja-y to the parking meter?”
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